surfing reality with vadim

I am listening to 417 htz frequency.  Ha-ha.

I am feeling in a happy moment.  Every little thing is perfect.

I have learned how to live in peace and harmony with what is.

In some ways, I have been doing this for my entire life, right?

  • And, the more I build you up then the better your goals seem to materialize.
  • And the more your goals materialize the more my goals materialize.

I intend.  I see the pictures and I shoot all the happiness up that beauty goal I can muster today.  And every day my ability to muster grows.  And every day I forget a little bit about the goals because, for some weird reason, things look amazing, right here and right now.

That did not happen overnight for me.  I have been learning about different ways of thinking and being that get me comfortably around all the bends in the flow, ha ha.

I make note of all the forward steps I took today.  I give myself permission to see all those luscious baby steps.  I allow how good it feels to be going in a direction.  More and more I am letting go of the destination, even though I am experiencing it with such clarity, and clarity gives me self-confidence, to let go some more.


I guess it’s like a reduction in all those draining emotions, releases more than energy;

something deeper and wider.

Seeing and feeling shit, on the inside, and then seeing it happen on the outside.

I have done that my whole life.

And now it is from a focus on beauty.

I am the director of that energy slash something.

And I am sending it into this:

  • All my intentions have manifested They are here now. 
  • There is a time lag as I grow into it, so I can see it more clearly.
  • It’s right here, right now, everything is, even if it is a little bit blurry…
  • and it’s like I am waking up into the deeper and wider as it dawns on me
  • that the energy slash something has always been with me,
  • I’ve just overlooked it, ha ha, basically, and drifted through life, large and in charge and fucking it up quite dramatically.

Program:  a mind-set that will cause me to have certain behaviors.

What do I want to see happening in my life?  What programs do I need to observe happening from my neutral mind so I can see more clearly what new program I need to build?  (You might read that question a couple times before it truly sets in.  It’s worth it, even if it is blurry for a minute.)

So, basically, ha ha, this is the flow of my door to my goal… (in Reality Transurfing speak)

Try on new programs to see if the behaviors are resourceful towards the goal.  Watch that from neutral mind.  Have clarity. Make choices.

Those are my steps to self-attainment,

or conscious ‘heart and mind’ coherency.

Just Be It.

(while allowing the passing blurriness)

loving yous,